Colour quest – May


Live life with colour. Each month we showcase a unique colour that is often overlooked when decorating your home. Mays colour of the month is lavender (22B17) a grey, purple colour that is becoming more and more popular at the moment.

The colour lavender is described as a calming, relaxing colour associated with royalty or luxury. Representing beauty & femininity lavender is often thought of as a “grown-up” pink. When decorating your home lavender can work in any room.

Decorating with the colour lavender

Because it’s a calming & relaxing colour when used in the bathroom it is a light enough colour to be used on the walls and keep the room feeling bright, but not bright enough that it would be “too much”. So you can easily relax in your bath after a long day.

We feel that mixed with white and dark greys lavender will really stand out and give your rooms an elegant sophisticated feel. Perfect for decorating bedrooms particularly rooms for older teenage girls thanks to its “grown-up” feel.

If you want to use lavender in the lounge, this grey/purple colour looks great with rugged natural wood accents and lighter grey accessories. This keeps your front room feeling open, inviting and luxurious.

Calming, elegant, sophisticated and inviting makes lavender a very versatile colour that can be used in many different ways around your home. It is a colour that is slowly becoming more and more popular but is still very easily overlooked when decorating. We hope we have given you some ideas so that you can start using lavender more around your home.

Give lavender a try – click here