DIY Weekender – Make the most of your garden


We believe it’s important to make the most of your outside space whatever the size. Especially now that it’s nearly summer! Here are a few of our top tips for improving your garden in just ONE weekend.

1. Paint your wooden garden furniture

Restore tired looking wooden garden furniture. We recommend using Sandtex Trade High Cover Smooth Masonry Paint because of its smooth mid-sheen finish, quick drying properties and excellent opacity.

This is sure to give your weathered-looking wooden furniture a new look! A regular paint job will keep it in tip top condition for far longer so you can enjoy your garden more.

2. Get planting

A garden will always look at its best when you have a variety of colourful flowers. Get planting and make it easier with this handy tool that you can make!

3. Use old buckets & watering cans as planters

Get creative with those old buckets and watering cans! If you would like a more rustic look for your garden, or if you don’t have much room, use them as planters. They make any garden look great and it’s an easy way to add colour to your outside space.

4. Hang a hammock

If you can, a great way to improve your garden is to hang a hammock. Everyone loves a hammock and it can easily become the talking point of your garden retreat. It will give you a relaxing space and it is so easy to set up and take down.

5. Crate planters

Much like the old buckets and watering cans, crates make great planters too! If you don’t have much room but still want a rustic looking outside space, a crate is a really good idea. You can line them and plant flowers or even just fill them with silk flowers that will last all year round.

6. Stain your woodwork

We recommend Sadolin Classic Wood Protection, the wood stain that gives your woodwork long lasting excellent protection against all types of weather. Wooden sheds and fences need regular protection to keep them in the best condition, so why not stain them at the same time? Give your woodwork a fresh new colour and your garden will feel restored.