DIY Weekender – Spring Cleaning

Spring cleaning

Spring is here!

…and that means it’s time for your annual spring cleaning! Open all the windows, organise everything and clean every surface until it glistens. Here are our 5 top tips for giving your home its much-needed spruce up.

1. Clean & organise your cupboards – recommended product: ProDecs Multi-Purpose Wipes for their heavy duty formula to remove stubborn dirt (also comes in handy large container)

It’s easy to overlook your cupboards, but now is a good time to remove everything, give the cupboard a clean (including the doors) and put everything back in an organised way with the most used items at the front. While you’re restoring your cupboards, be sure to check whether you need things anymore – throw anything out that you haven’t used in years.

2. Clean your windows

Inside and out! Either clean your windows yourself or get them professionally cleaned. You may not notice that they are that dirty, but having clean windows will help make your home feel fresh and clean. Top tip is to clean your windows when it’s cloudy as it doesn’t dry the solution too quickly thus preventing streaks.

3. Give your walls a fresh lick of paint – recommended product: Macpherson Trade Vinyl Matt Emulsion for its quick drying properties, wide colour range & professional matt finish.

Keeping your walls looking crisp and fresh is easier than it sounds! Look in each room and think of the last time the walls were painted. If several years have passed, consider giving those rooms a much-needed lick of paint – even change up the colours of your home at the same time. Easily done in a day with Macpherson Trade Vinyl.

4. Dust

Dusting your entire house can seem like a big job. However, if you plan accordingly, you can get the job done in no time. Dust everything – all those forgotten places like lamp shades and light fixtures, skirting boards, curtain poles and tops of mirrors. Move furniture to catch all dust mites.

5. Get rid of unnecessary things

Declutter your home and get rid of things that you have no emotional connection to, or that you haven’t touched, used or even seen for years! That includes little things like old magazines, old mugs, old clothes and stored ornaments. If some objects are still in great quality, you could always advertise and sell them online like and make some money.